High Quality Live Phytoplankton Grown In Store

Phytoplankton being cultured in store

Here at Southwest Marine's we have put years of research and testing into culturing our own blend of Live Phytoplankton to be able to provide you with the highest quality product available.

We first started back in 2007 and since then our on site culture systems and methods have evolved through many different phases to what we are running today where we are producing our strongest ever cultures.

We offer a special engineered mix of Tetraselmis and Nannochloropsis Planktons blended into our Super mix Phytoplankton, Nannochloropsis is perfect for feeding Copepods helping to provide a healthy and strong start for the natural food chain within an aquarium, teamed with Tetraselmis which is ideal for Rotifers, Brine Shrimp and other larval shrimp, also fantastic for filter feeders, scallops and clams, having a high lipid level and natural amino acids all helping to stimulate feeding in marine animals.

Available in 4 sizes to suit all aquariums, due to its freshness it can be refrigerated for upto 6 weeks.

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£6.00 FOR 250ml

£10.00 FOR 500ml

£16.00 FOR 1000ml

£24.00 FOR 2500ml

  • Marine Aquarists have found Phytoplankton to be beneficial in maintaining Corals, Sponges, Clams, Scallops,Tubeworms, Sea Squirts and almost all filter feeding animals.

  • They have also found that Phytoplankton helps to balance their systems PH by removing excess Carbon Dioxide and adding Oxygen.

  • As well as a water conditioner and food, Phytoplankton has been found to supply less understood benefits.

  • Theraputic, almost antibiotic- like effects have been reported on fish and other marine animals.

  • This may be a clue to compounds expelled by the algae itself rather than by the removal of nutrients and chemicals from the water.

  • Phytoplankton will feed and help to increase the biomass of Zooplankton within a marine system, such as Ciliates, Copepods, Rotifers, and some marine Shrimps which are considered essential for the survival of some fishes and inverts.

Recommended Dosage (per day)

  • Low stocked tanks
    1ml of Phyto per 10 litres of system water

  • Medium stocked tanks
    1ml of Phyto per 8 litres of system water

  • Highly stocked tanks
    1ml of Phyto per 4 litres of system water