About us

Our company

Southwestmarines was formed in 2004 and has since steadily grown to become one of the leading marine aquarium specialist shops in the UK.

We are situated on the outskirts of Bristol with easy access from the M5, M4 and M48 and we have our own large and free car park.

We have worked hard over the years to build good and lasting relationships with all the major suppliers and therefore stock a great range of tried and trusted dry goods.  We also endeavor to offer a price match guarantee so please feel free to call us with any requirements.

We stock a huge (400+) variety of soft and hard coral from £5 frags to the really rare and unusual and we have 3-4 deliveries a week so there is always plenty of choice.

We also have a dedicated invert system for a wide variety of clean up crew - snails, shrimps, crabs, urchins and starfish,  plus lots of the more interesting and the unusual critters you would not usually see  in other shops.

SouthWest Marines has a 1700 liter dedicated fish system in which we house a variety of reef safe and 'fish only' fish.  We are on hand to advise and help with your choice to make your system a stress free and happy environment for all inhabitants. 

We also stock a good range of Ceramic and Eco friendly/artificial  live rock and can advise on the benefits of all forms available.

At southwestmarines we specialize in the design, supply and install of custom marine aquarium systems,  from the very small to the very large.  

We have designed, installed and advised on many award winning aquariums around the country and we also offer a full maintenance service and holiday cover if required.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Knowlagable staff 

Our team

At SouthWest Marines you will receive a warm and friendly welcome and we excel at making the hobby easy and accessible for beginners as well as providing the help, advice and stock that more experienced reef keepers are looking for.

Our staff have over 30 years of combined experience in  reef keeping and each staff has their own established and successful reef.  You can come to SouthWest Marines safe in the knowledge that we have the practical experience and can offer options and advice to see your aquarium thrive. 


Exactly how a shop should be. No freshwater or reptile nonsense you walk in and it's pure eye candy, really rare fish at good prices and good quality, they have coffe and hot chocolate which is a big plus. They had so many corals to chose from. I asked and I was helped and they gave me great advice all of which was true, I picked up 2 occelaris clowns a leather toadstool and 2 zoas today. I will be coming back.


Brilliant shop. Worth travelling to, first class service and great prices.

David Slater

Really helpful and friendly staff . Great shop loads of fish , inverts and corals, frags to large colonies all the equipment and accessories you need to run your tank all at good prices plus loyalty points scheme which is great.

Bobby J